Research and Development Facilities

Brief History

EPA needed somewhere for its own internal testing, proofing and charge weight assessments and 5 years ago converted a disused building at Faldingworth into a dedicated  R&D facility.

As a direct response to clients requests, we have expanded this considerably with new equipment, more range space and additional trained staff.

We now routinely conduct testing for a number of companies and the UK MoD.

- A purpose built R&D facility with 2 indoor ranges and a full suite of ballistic test equipment.

- Knowledgeable trained staff

- 25 meter Fully instrumented ballistic test range.

- 10 meter fully instrumented C-IED test range.

- Licenced areas for load development and testing to NATO, CIP and SAAMI standards

- High Speed Video, standard video capture

- Velocity and Pressure, CIP, SAAMI and EPVAT

- Light and sound recording

- Target impact analysis

- Sand and Dust Ingression testing

- Immersion testing to NATO standards

- Outdoor 100 meter range, with Accuracy and Armour testing

- Outdoor 100 meter range, for Accuracy and Armour testing

- Covered Firing Points at 25 and 100 meters

- Accuracy Test rig for all calibres up to .50BMB

- Load Development workshop

- Facilities for Pressure and Velocity readings

- NEW 300 meter range under construction

Sabre Ballistic Universal receiver

Complete with a full suite of test barrels, 9mm up to 12.7, ported for CIP, EPVAT and SAAMI.

Receiver is equipped with standard and electric breech, to allow testing of electrically initiated cartridges.

Research and Development - Facilities

Research and Development Facilities - 100 METER Test range

Research and Development Facilities - Specialist Equipment

25 meter range, with Sabre testing

Sabre Ballistic Universal receiver

SPhotron High Speed Camera System

Fast Cam SA-X. High speed video to capture a bullet in flight, frame rates in excess of 324,000 per second.

100 meter range, with Accuracy and Armour testing

Photron High Speed Camera System

Primer Test Rig

Specially designed fitment to allow testing of all types of primers in terms of pressure and muzzle flash.

Muzzle Flash and Sound

We have equipment to measure the muzzle flash of ammunition and training blanks as well as recording sound levels. Can also be used to test suppressors.

Target Impact Sensors

Kistler load cells to measure impacts and recoil forces.

Pressure and Velocity testing

Glass and Armour Testing

Target Impact Sensors

Services What we Do

Pressure and Velocity

We have a complete suite of test barrels, 9mm up to 12.7, ported for CIP, EPVAT and SAAMI.

We are able to test pressures and velocities in accordance with all standards, NATO-EPVAT, CIP and SAAMI

Glass and Armour Testing

Penetration on all types of material, including but not limited to Glass, Armour, Vehicles and Body Armour. With the ability to capture impacts with the Photron High Speed Camera.

Hot- Cold-Ambient Testing

Hot- Cold-Ambient

Full conditioning from minus 54C° to plus 200C° .

Optical Measuring

Ability to check parts, projectiles and components to ensure tolerances are correct and to drawings. The OGP machine is capable of an accuracy of 3 microns.

Optical Measuring

6c and 6d

Able to conduct all types of the NATO Packaging testing including 6c bonfire and 6d internal initiation.

Sound and Light

Able to measure sound and light levels, muzzle flash for all types of cartridges


We have full authority to store, and test all types of   explosives.

We have licensed buildings to process and manufacture items containing explosives.

Explosive testing

Product  Testing, Launch and Demonstrations

We are fully licensed and insured to conduct testing and demonstrations for and on behalf of clients.

We have indoor and outdoor facilities, for weapon and explosive demonstrations, conference rooms, catering, we can offer a full package, tailored to clients needs.

Product Development-Testing- Demonstration

We are able to offer a discreet, bespoke service for all types of energetic products. We are happy to tailor our services to client requirements.

 Our facilities can be hired to allow clients to conduct their own testing or alternatively we can offer fully trained staff and a package to cover the entire test or demonstration.


We have Home Office Approval to hold  Section 1 and Section 5 weapons and have a large selection of assault rifles, pistols, shotguns and Sniper rifles. All are available for testing purposes.

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