EPA Manufacturing

EPA Facilities

The principals of EPA have, collectively, over 50 years experience in the Firearms, Explosive and Ammunition industry.

It was decided to put that knowledge to good use and we  formed Extreme Performance Ltd and later EPA  Manufacturing Ltd, eight years ago.

We have quickly established a reputation for innovative products and solutions for the UK MoD and Private Companies, with many completed projects to our credit.

We have also developed some of the best Sniper ammunition currently available anywhere.

Continuously forward thinking we are always striving to improve and think of better ways to bring existing products into the 21st Century.

- We have a purpose built manufacturing facility at Faldingworth , occupying over 600 square meters of floor space.

- A Large energetic storage capability up to 1.1

- We have production facilities capable of producing over 2 million rounds of Sniper ammunition per year.

- Production facilities for 1.1 products.

- A skilled workforce used to dealing with complex energetic products.

- We are licensed for all types of energetics and pyrotechnics  including 1.1

- Home Office approved for Section 5 weapons and ammunition

- CIP approved for all types of small arms ammunition up to 12.7

- An ISO 9001 company
- A purpose built 260 square meter R&D facility with 2 indoor ranges and a full suite of ballistic test equipment.

- Knowledgeable trained staff

- 25 meter Fully instrumented ballistic test range ·

- 10 meter fully instrumented C-IED test range.

- Licensed areas for load development and testing to NATO, CIP and SAAMI standards

- High Speed Video, standard video capture

- Velocity and Pressure, CIP, SAAMI and EPVAT

- Light and sound recording

- Target impact analysis

- Sand and Dust Ingression testing

Research and Development Facilities

- Outdoor 100 meter range, with Accuracy and Armour testing
- Outdoor 100 meter range, for Accuracy and Armour testing

- Covered Firing Points at 25 and 100 meters

- Accuracy Test rig for all calibers up to .50BMB

- Load Development workshop

- Facilities for Pressure and Velocity readings

- NEW 300 meter range under construction

Production facilities for ammunition and EOD products

100 meter range, with Accuracy and Armour testing

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