Ballistic Testing Facilities

Sabre Ballistic Universal receiver

Complete with a full suite of test barrels, 9mm up to 12.7, ported for CIP, EPVAT and SAAMI.

Receiver is equipped with standard and electric breech, to allow testing of electrically initiated cartridges.

SPhotron High Speed Camera System

Fast Cam SA-X. High speed video to capture a bullet in flight, frame rates in excess of 324,000 per second.

Primer Test Rig

Specially designed fitment to allow testing of all types of primers in terms of pressure and muzzle flash.

Muzzle Flash and Sound

We have equipment to measure the muzzle flash of ammunition and training blanks as well as recording sound levels. Can also be used to test suppressors.

Target Impact Sensors

Kistler load cells to measure impacts and recoil forces.

Pressure and Velocity testing

Target Impact Sensors

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